5 Amazing Tips To Writing Your Own eBook

When it comes to ebooks and information products, it is essential to deliver in your ebook what it says in the title.

Here are tips to ensure you create a professional ebook and get results, fast!

1. Your Reason. Why create your own ebook? If you do this right you can earn a considerable income from creating your own ebook. It costs very little apart from time and, once created and uploaded onto the internet, is there forever and, if written correctly, will never go out of date.

I don’t know how many people I have spoken to about writing books in general and they have always said,

“I have a great story I want to write one day”.

So why wait. Get started now.

Whether it’s to share a skill, talk about a passion, tell a story, support others in sharing an experience, or simply because you want to, again I say, why wait?

2. Your ebook structure. It must have a start, body and conclusion. It will be sold online so the formatting will be important.

Make a contents before you start writing. Get your outline in place. Decide what format it will take and where you will sell it.

You need to decide on how long it will be. An information product can be 30-40 pages. A novel or story will be longer. The content will dictate the length and it must be value for money to the reader.

3. Pricing. How much will it cost? This will depend on how long it is, the subject matter and it is advisable to view other similar ebooks to get an idea of their pricing. Too low a price will not generate enough income and may be deemed a cheap. Too high will price you out of the market with competitors.

4. Subject matter. What is yours? what you write about is entirely up to you. If you write fiction from experiences, you have to decide on the style. Will it be “I” throughout, or “she”. I have regularly started books in the first person then changed as I progressed, forgetting what style I have used.

If you choose non-fiction, books addressing problems and issues or “How to” books are often the best and quickest type. To determine a subject, use Google’s automatic field population when you start to type a question. It provide the top questions recently asked on Google offering ideas.

5. Is it in demand? Always research your product or niche. See if there is a market for it and other products are currently sold online. If there is very little competition, is there a market for it? Will it be a big earner?

Using keyword research will also reflect if there is a demand in the marketplace for your niche. Google’s keyword tool will provide statistics on this.


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